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kombucha Preparation

Provides a Large Number of Health Benefits

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Kombucha Preparation Step-by-Step Guide

(Refrigeration not recommended on arrival of your package. Put it in a cool place and make kombucha ASAP)

Utensils Needed :

  • Wide mouth Pint or larger jar
  • Wood or plastic spoon
  • Plastic/Nylon strainer
  • Another pint-size or larger container to store the finished Kombucha

Ingredients needed:

  • Mushroom & Starter Tea ( from received package)
  • Water (well or filtered water – cocounut water may be used after a few batches)
  • White Sugar – 4 to 6 spoons
  • Regular Green or Black tea (No decaffeinated, No flavored)
  • Containers/jars : Only Glass, HDPE Plastic or Clay



Boil the water.Remove from heat at boil Add sugar and stir (don’t use a metal spoon) until it dissolves. Add two or three tea bags, let it cool to room temperature. Remove tea bags or filter the tea.


Place the SCOBY and starter tea, from your package, into a glass jar. Pour room temperature tea into the glass jar. Leave an inch at the top of the jar for the SCOBY and tea to breathe. Close the jar with cloth, use a rubber or elastic band to hold the cloth in place.


Let it sit in your cupboard, outside of direct sunlight, for 5 to 7 days. The ideal temperature is 70-85 degrees fahrenheit. Above this temperature, it becomes too sour. img-kombucha Make sure you keep it in a place with little moisture and few plants – as this will keep mold from growing.


After five days, look for any mold on top of the jar. If you see any, you need to discard the whole thing. This is, however, quite rare. Use a straw to taste it. Make sure your saliva doesn’t go inside and contaminate the mixture. If it is too sweet, leave it a day or two longer.


Filter the Kombucha, leaving 10 percent as starter tea for your next batch. Use a plastic holder or a clean hand, if you need to remove the SCOBY. For your next batch, start over from step one above.You can drink this Kombucha or store it in the fridge with a closed lid.


If you want to flavor it, you can add some.My favorite is to pour four spoons of ginger juice and/or four spoons of lemon juice into a swing-top bottle and leave it at room temperature for two or three days.


The Kombucha will continue to ferment in the jar, even without the SCOBY, buillding pressure inside. It may explode, if you forget to open it within a few days, so a swing-top bottle is the safest option.

Caution on consumption:

Start with two spoonfuls and slowly increase, so your body has an opportunity to adapt to it.

This Kombucha contains a very large amount of bacteria and yeast. If you are sensitive, drink with food!

Congratulations! I promise you will love this fizzy drink – and it will change your health, and life.